13 Best Historical Sites In Texas You Must See

Texas State Capitol

Texas has a rich history and many historical sites to explore. Numerous landmarks offer insights into events shaping present-day America, from the Alamo to Casa Navarro.

The country’s second-largest state has many historical places to cover, including museums, monuments, parks, and more. These historical sites in Texas are famous for the battles and events there.

The Historic Sites Division manages around 22 sites where you can learn about Lone Star State’s rich history. Whether you’re planning a visit to Texas or already live here and want to learn more about its history, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best historical sites to see. However, visiting some of these sites on a single trip may only be possible, so we have prepared this article to help you explore the most famous ones.

Landmark Inn, Castroville:


Landmark Inn is a historic inn in Castroville and one of the top Texas historical sites to explore. It was built in the mid-1800s as a house and a general store by a Swiss merchant named Cesar Monod.

Later, when John Vance became the owner, a second story and other transformations added to the building. He called the inn the Vance Hotel and accommodated paid guests that visited Castroville.

San Antonio Missions:

San Antonio Missions

One of the top historical places in San Antonio, San Antonio Missions Park comprises four missions. Guests can visit this park to learn more about the colonization of Texas and the history of these missions.
At a distance of 2.5 miles, you will come across the other missions in this park. Mission San Jose is the largest of the four missions, while Mission Espada was the first to be built in Texas.
Trust me; this is one of the most important Texas monuments and landmarks in San Antonio.

San Jacinto Battleground:

San Jacinto Battleground

Commemorating Texas’ final battle for independence from Mexico, Sao Jacinto Battleground is one of the top historical sites in Texas.

It was the location of the battle of San Jacinto and is home to the museum ship USS. This battleground is one of the top historical places in Houston where visitors can learn about what happened during that war in April 1836.

One of the major highlights of this park is the San Jacinto Monument. It is 570 feet tall, topped with a star. Several permanent and rotating exhibits are taking place inside this monument that you can visit.

The Alamo:


Located in downtown San Antonio, Alamo is one of the state’s most famous Texas monuments to visit.
This chapel, a part of the mission complex, played a significant role in the colonization of Texas by the Spaniards and the independence of the state from Mexico. It is one of the top historical places in San Antonio, featuring a chapel and some old barracks.
Inside the chapel, you will find a museum that features artifacts from the revolution. This includes state flags and national flags of everyone who defended Texas, along with their items.
From the original colonial settlement to the independence of Texas, this museum tells the history of Texas. This is why it is one of the top historical sites in Texas that you must visit.

Fort Griffin State Historic Site:

Fort Griffin State Historic Site

Established in 1867, Fort Griffin was a US Cavalry fort and is currently one of the top historical sites in Texas that you must visit.

Initially called Camp Wilson, it was built to protect the settlers from Kiowa and Comanche raids. Currently, only ruins of the fort remain at this historic site, also home to the Texas Longhorn Herd.

Fort Lancaster State Historic Site:

Fort Lancaster State Historic Site:

Fort Lancaster is one of the best Texas monuments and landmarks to explore, built-in 1855 by the United States Army.
This post was located in Pecos River Valley and was major in the westward expansion. It offered escorts for wagon trains, mail carriers, etc., going to California. This 82-acre site is open to visitors to walk amidst the ruins of over 25 buildings, such as a hospital, blacksmith’s shop, bakery, etc.



One of the top historical places to visit in Texas, Washington-on-the-Brazos, is a short drive from Houston. This is where Texas’ Declaration of Independence signed in 1836, and the Lone Star State was finally established. If you need more than that to plan a visit here, you will also find many buildings inside this park to learn about the rich history of Texas.

Tour the Republic Museum, where you will find artifacts related to the history and wildlife of this state. One of the most important historical landmarks in Texas is the Independence Hall. This is where the 59 delegates signed the Declaration of Independence, where you will find artifacts to glimpse Texas 200 years ago.

If you are looking for the best historical sites in Texas to explore, Washington-on-the-Brazos is at the top.

Fulton Mansion:

Fulton Mansion

Another one of the top Texas historic sites that you cannot miss out on exploring is the Fulton Mansion.
Featuring dark columns and trim, this mansion is one of the earliest examples of Second Empire construction and one of the top historical sites in Texas to explore. It was owned by the wealthy Fulton family, where George and Harriet Fulton spent their entire life.

The house is surrounded by grass and oak trees, offering stunning views of Aransas Bay. A few highlights of this house were the flush toilets, gas lighting, etc., which were rare in houses in the 1800s.

This is undoubtedly one of the top historical places in Texas to check out. Visitors can tour the restored house and learn more about the life of this wealthy family in the 1800s.

Casa Navarro:

Casa Navarro

Casa Navarro is one of the best Texas historical sites to visit in San Antonio, as it was home to the Texas patriot Jose Antonio Navarro.

Jose Navarro was a merchant and a rancher who advocated the rights of Tejano. He was among the first Texans to sign the Texas Declaration of Independence. This 1850s restored limestone house showcases the life of Navarro and has become one of the important historical landmarks in Texas that you must visit.

Port Isabel Lighthouse:

Port Isabel Lighthouse

Port Isabel Lighthouse built in 1852 and is one of the best lighthouses in Texas and one of the most unique historical sites in Texas.

With 75 steps to the top, it is a small lighthouse but a great place to visit in Texas. Visitors can enjoy the views of South Padre Island from this lighthouse after climbing to the top of the lighthouse.

Fort McKavett State Historic Site:

Fort McKavett State Historic Site

If you love visiting ruins in Texas, you should check out Fort McKavett in Menard County. This 150-year-old fort is located on a remote hill and is one of the best examples of the Texas Indian Wars military post.
Fort McKavett is one of the top historical places to visit in Texas as it gives you an insight into this fort and the stories of the people who stayed here.

Dealey Plaza:

Dealey Plaza

Located in Dallas. We cannot miss out on including Dealey Plaza in our list of the best historical sites in Texas. After all, this is where President John F. Kennedy shot dead.

As a result, this plaza has become one of the top historical places in Dallas for history buffs to explore. You can include a short visit to this plaza to check out where the present took his last breaths and recall a moment that shook the entire nation.

If museums are your thing, you can also head to the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. From here, the shots were fired at Kennedy. Currently, a museum dedicated to Kennedy’s life is open for visitors here.

Texas State Capitol:

Texas State Capitol

One of the best Texas historical sites, the Texas State Capitol, is an iconic building in Austin.
Covering around 2.25 acres, this building, constructed in the Renaissance Revival style, has a beautiful design that all architecture enthusiasts will love.

Apart from its design, it is also one of the top Austin historical sites to share the stories of how Texas came to be. Learn about the important woman public figures that made an impact over the years, along with the haunting stories and legends surrounding this building.

If you are interested in a short history lesson about Texas, then the State Capitol in Austin is one of the top historical sites in Texas to visit.

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